Types of Cough






There are numerous distinct types of cough, each has their underlying cause. Here are a few of the most typical coughs:

A dry cough is one that doesn't cause any phlegm or mucus to be produced. Allergies, acid reflux, or a viral illness like the cold or flu can all contribute to it.

A productive cough that produces phlegm or mucus is known as a wet cough. Numerous conditions, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, or a sinus infection, may be to blame.

A chronic cough is one that lasts longer than eight weeks. It can be brought on by allergies, asthma, or smoking.

A whooping cough is when someone coughs violently, they make the "whooping" sound with their inhalation. It is extremely contagious and is brought on by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis.

A psychogenic cough is one that has no physical cause and is instead brought on by psychological issues like stress or anxiety.

Cough brought on by postnasal drip, is a cough brought on by mucus dripping down the back of the throat. Sinus infections or allergies are frequently linked to it.

If you experience any persistent or severe coughing, KPLASS is here to help relieve those symptoms. If it has been happening over a long period of time, more time is needed for KPLASS skin patches to work their magic, However, if it is not alleviated, it is still important to speak with a doctor. They can help you identify the underlying cause and suggest the best course of action.