Company Profile

With more than 18 years of operation, research and development in our pursuit of pharmaceutical innovation, our roots bring us back to China, 2002, where we have supplied our products to thousands of local medical institutions and exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

In June 2020, with a fresh new look, Kplass Singapore was established. Our brand colours of green and blue, which symbolises “health” and “healing” respectively, represent our mission of “focusing on green technology and caring for life and health”. As the King of Plasters, we are eager to bring you and your loved ones our range of plasters and patches to provide relief for everyday pains and troubles.



We are dedicated to provide convenient and accessible everyday solution to our consumer's with our wide range of plasters.


To improve our consumers' quality of life with our world -class plasters.

K- Knowledgeable

P- Professionalism

L- Leadership

A- Achievement

S- Sincerity

S- Safety




Research & Development

With nearly 2 decades of relentless efforts in research and development on cough relief and topical treatments at our independent R&D centre, we continue to drive innovation to bring quick, effective and convenient solutions to the modern-day users.

Our Kplass Cough Relief Patch, which is FDA and HSA-approved, and ISO-certified, combines traditional acupoint application and medicinal properties of Chinese herbs with modern technology of infrared light and magnetic effect to relieve cough while reducing any toxic side effects to our digestive systems.

When applied, the active ingredients of our patch rapidly penetrate skin barrier through transdermal absorption and remanence induced by far-infrared light waves and magnetic powder activate cells, increase local blood flow, improve blood circulation and metabolic function to treat symptoms of cough, expectoration and sore throat, and bring instant relief to you and your loved ones.


Our Certificate

Enterprise adheres the mission of “focus on green technology, care of life and health”, realize the goal of serving the community and benefiting the human health.

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