KPLASS: World's First Far-Infrared Skin Patch Technology







KPLASS' has developed the world's first far-infrared patch technology after years and years of research here in the little sunny island of Singapore. This capability of incorporating cutting-edge technology into a comfortable skin patch, is a significant milestone in the field of medical technology.

Far-infrared radiation has been shown to have countless health benefits, apart from pain relief, improved blood circulation, and reduced inflammation. By developing a far-infrared patch, we have made this technology more accessible and convenient for people to use.

The creation of this technology is a testament to the power of international collaboration in the scientific community. With scientists from prestigious universities all over the world working together, KPLASS was able to harness the knowledge and expertise of some of the best minds in the field to create a groundbreaking new technology.

Our development of the world's first far-infrared patch technology is an impressive achievement that has the potential to improve the lives of countless people around the world.