KPLASS Party Patch-Pre-launch (12 Patches)
KPLASS Party Patch-Pre-launch (12 Patches)

KPLASS Party Patch-Pre-launch (12 Patches)

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Product Name Party Patch

产品名称   醒酒贴


Specifications Plaster size 35mm x 35mm

规格   贴体 35mm x 35mm 


Product Structure Pueraria essential oil, nutmeg, galangal, peppermint essential oil, borneol, far-infrared powder, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, non-woven fabric, etc.

 产品结构  葛根花精油、肉豆蔻、高良姜、薄荷精油、冰片、远红外粉、医用压敏胶、无纺布等。


Indications Relieve the discomfort symptoms caused by drinking and reduce the harm of alcohol to the body.

适用范围 缓解酒后带来的不适症状,减轻酒精对人体的危害。



• Peel off the hangover patch from release paper.
• Paste 1 patch on both hand on the designated acupoints as shown in the diagram below.
• Paste 6-12 hours, when necessary.
• Paste before drinking, during drinking or after drinking.



• 直接从隔离板上揭下醒酒贴。
• 贴在双手指定的穴位,如下图。
• 必要时6-12个小时。
• 饮酒前,饮酒中或饮酒后将醒酒贴贴上。


Storage Keep sealed, stored in a dry room at normal temperature

贮藏  密封保存,置于常温,干燥的室内。


Shelf Life 3 years

使用期限  三年

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