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KPLASS Skin Patch (Transdermal Absorption)

There are several reasons why our researchers chose the eventual route of administration as transdermal absorption - skin patches. Transdermal absorption was chosen to avoid the first pass effect (reduced absorption due to oral consumption). Our product delivers medication from our patch directly into the body through the opening of pores initiated by the world's first far-infrared skin patch technology.

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First Pass Effect

          When an active ingredient is absorbed into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract, it is significantly metabolised in the liver before it reaches the systemic circulation, this phenomenon is known as the "first pass effect." In other words, the liver metabolises and excretes a portion of it before it reaches the body's target site.Active ingredients taken orally are absorbed into the portal circulation, or the blood supply that feeds the liver, before being distributed to the rest of the body, which results in the first pass effect. The amount that is available to exert its desired effect is decreased because the liver enzymes break down some of it before it enters the systemic circulation. The extent...

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